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Beyond a Moral Responsibility

Dr. Marangi MboghoBy Dr. Marangi Mbogho
Founder and Secretary

Investing in the education of young people in our communities:

  • First; education is a human rights issue.
  • Second; education has implications in socio-economic, cultural, political and geopolitical advancement of communities.
  • Third; lack, inequality or gaps in education breed poverty, radicalisation of youth and is a source of conflict among communities and nations.

In Kenya's Taita-Taveta County, students regularly get sent home for tuition arrears. Currently, the prices for basic food items have skyrocketed. Most of the poor rural parents cannot meet daily domestic needs for their families, let alone find the money to pay school fees.

The head-teachers cannot keep defaulting students in boarding schools because the fees structure is fixed. It cannot be adjusted to accommodate poor students. It is only the children of the middle class, business people and the political class that are in school - the masses have to fend for themselves.

Poverty begets poverty. It is the survival of the fittest. Supporting the education of youth is a quest against extinction itself.

Most Vulnerable,
High Achieving Students:

Agatha Mawondo Foundation
P.O. Box 190-80308
Voi, Kenya

Please contribute to the education of financially vulnerable, high achieving, high school students in Taita-Taveta County, Kenya.

With Gratitude

We are deeply grateful to the following people and organizations:

  • The Kenya diaspora in the United States for contributions towards John Mwachia's scholarship
  • Trustee contributors:
    • Justin Irina
    • Isaac Mruttu
    • Julius Mwabora
    • Job Tole
    • Marangi Mbogho
  • tictocmind™ Technologies for all their technical support
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