The Agatha Mawondo Foundation


The AM Foundation identifies scholarship beneficiaries from Taita-Taveta County students in Kenya.

These are the most financially vulnerable students who also show high potential for academic achievement. Your donation will go a long way in securing a promising future for these students and eventually, prosperity for their community and beyond. Thank you!

How much does it cost to educate a child and Why should I be involved?


In Kenya, high school education is not free.

In rural schools where most Kenyans live, it takes about Ksh. 55,000/yr ($550) to educate a child. A four-year education would therefore take about Ksh. 220,000 ($2,200). Many parents in rural Kenya earn about Ksh. 5,000/month ($50) or nothing, being peasant farmers, casual labourers, small traders or unemployed. They cannot possibly afford to educate their children without help. At any one point, we have all needed a hand up. While policy advocates push for free high school education, the Agatha Mawondo Foundation has taken up the valiant effort of helping to educate the most economically vulnerable and high achieving students through appealing to the every-day change-maker for small donations. The Taita community believe in the concept of "ngua" which is a call to individuals to gather and accomplish an impossible task together. Your giving will go a long way in taking many lives from despair to hope, and from struggle to trailblazers.


Agatha Mawondo Foundation
P.O.Box 190-80308
Voi, Kenya

It Takes a Village!

Please contribute to the education of financially vulnerable, high achieving, high school students in Taita-Taveta County, Kenya.

With Gratitude
We are deeply grateful to the following people and organizations:

  • The Kenya diaspora in the United States for contributions towards Trailblazers scholarship
  • Trustee contributors:
    • Justin Irina
    • Isaac Mruttu
    • Julius Mwabora
    • Job Tole
    • Marangi Mbogho
  • tictocmind™ Technologies for all their technical support

Thank You, Very Much!

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